miércoles, octubre 29, 2008

De esta agua no habras de beber

Strauss Kahn ya nos cerro la canilla de la nueva linea de los MIB.

Tendremos que volver luego y pior para tener los millones?

I hope not.

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Contradicto of Saint Peter Telmo dijo...

My dear friend Shemp:

We are not friends of that exclusive club. We definitely do not like them as they do not like us.

We do not want their money. We do not want the accesory advise and assesment coming along with that money. We already got rid of them a couple of years ago and we intend to keep it that way.

All this because we can see the sharp hook behind the lure. It is strange that after many years in this white waters, a fish of your experience and memory can't see the hook too.

Devil voice might be very appealing...but please express our thankful denial to Mr Strauss-Kahn and all the gang over there. Not this time, not during popular governments, not even under outstanding conditions.

Deil could be as nice as it is evil, right?